When do you know that you have almost become a ‘local’ in South Africa?

It has been three years since we exchanged Rotterdam for Johannesburg, South Africa. I do remember those earlier days really well. So many new impressions, so many new experiences and especially so many things to be amazed by and to marvel at. But I also started to find some things completely normally… So how do

Crossing borders

Last month we were on holiday in our own country. From St Lucia, the east coast of South Africa straight up to Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique, then drove to the west to Kruger and via the Panorama Route returned to Johannesburg. A beautiful route where we passed the border two times. I actually forgot

Ponte Tower: a representation of South Africa’s history

The District Hillbrow is notorious and infamous, and not just In Johannesburg. Just read any travel guide and it was strongly advised not to walk around as a white person. But what makes Hillbrow so distinct? And what makes the Ponte Tower so special? This cylinder-shaped tower was built in 1975, 173 meters high and