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South Africa… A dream destination for many! But when I had to leave my beloved Rotterdam in the summer of 2015 to live in Johannesburg, I found it quite exciting. A city of which everyone says in the first instance: Johannesburg? No, Cape Town is much more fun! A city where the money is earned and the crime is high… Raw and charming at the same time. It feels a bit like Rotterdam, but then in South Africa. You have to learn to appreciate this city. But how great is she?! And what is South Africa a fantastic country. How many faces can a country have? No boring day in South Africa. There’s always something going on!

Savourites has become an airy blog where you can read all about my experiences and surprises living in this beautiful country and city! You can also follow me through the columns of Zuid-Afrika.nl. Do you want to know what it is like to drive a car in South Africa, how it is to be pregnant abroad, or where you can get your groceries? Or are you going on holiday to South Africa and want to receive travel tips or have questions about living in South Africa? Please mail me via feliciana@savourites.nl.

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Feliciana Groothuis